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Spring Blossoms

Embrace the chaos of spring with open arms, knowing that you have the tools and wisdom of TCM to guide you. Here’s to a season of growth, renewal, and endless possibilities!

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Two hands holding a clear mug of hot chocolate.

Chocolate lovers ❤️

Let’s face it, not everyone is head over heels for February or Valentine’s Day. But everyone (well, almost everyone) sure does love chocolate. We all

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Woman sleeping, curled up in white duvet, legs and arms exposed

Sleep Seekers 💤

Let’s talk about the elusive beast we all crave: SLEEP. I thought I had it all figured out, whispering sweet lullabies to my belly, convinced

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girl standing on a beach with a rainbow in the distance

Take A Pause

As we step into November, a time for reflection and giving thanks, I want to share a simple practice I’ve embraced.  Pause for a moment

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Sara Ward

Sara Ward

Step into my world, where the momentum of our combined energies makes healing contagious.