I'm Sara

I’m so lucky. Wanna know why?

Because I get to spend my days helping amazing women like you cut through the crap and step into their power.

I do this one-on-one in my clinical practice as an acupuncturist. And now I’m sharing all the best tools and practices with you, here, online. Welcome!

In 2021, everything started to fall into place for me — thank you, 40! I’m finally stepping into the spotlight after 11 years of working behind the scenes at clinics, growing my practice, and tending my family.

I’ve realized
I’m not just
an acupuncturist.

I’m also a teacher, mentor, coach,
cheerleader, and facilitator.

Now is the time for me to reach beyond my amazing neighbourhood and my clinic, The Village Community Acupuncture. Not just for me, but for the kickass referral team I’ve fostered right here in my ’hood. 

I’m setting up my very own virtual Grand Central Collaboration Station to share our collective wisdom!

Seeing women in my clinic has given me a unique and privileged perspective. So many patients show up here as a last resort, after years of trying EVERYthing else. Each day, women trust me with their secrets and I get to help them dig down to the root of their problems and unlock their deepest desires.

But Wait!

What brought me to stirring up the healing force with teeny-tiny needles?

My passion for acupuncture grew out of a dire situation. Back in the early 2000s, when I was working in South Korea, I got sick. Really sick. I had a doctor for every part of my body, and they did all the tests and prescribed all the pills.

But these conventional treatments didn’t help. So, when a dear friend said “why not try acupuncture?” I was desperate enough to do it. Friends, I was totally blown away when two weeks of daily acupuncture (with herbs and a little food revamp thrown in) had me feeling not only recovered, but better than ever.

I had to know everything about this magic immediately! Just like that, I was off to acupuncture school.

It wasn’t until the start of 2022, though, when I realized that my healthcare destiny reaches back even farther.

My Inspiration
Problem Solver
A wild sense of humour

The backstory that powers my big leap

It all started with my big brother, who loved big and defied odds you and I will never understand. On a regular day, back when I was still in the single digits, my mom yelled for me to come help her in my brother’s room. He was having another seizure. I wouldn’t say we were used to it, but it happened a lot. My mom asked me to sit with him while she ran to do something at the other end of the house.

I got down on the floor, crossed my legs, and held my brother’s head in my lap while I watched his body convulse. I’d done this so many times before. I don’t know what it was about this seizure, but something came over me — fear, calm, clarity, all the above — that would mark me for life. I would sit with him through countless more seizures, never knowing if he’d survive. But this is the one that stuck.

Childhood seizures gave me my start as a health facilitator

Holding my brother’s head that day — that was the moment I learned to nurture while nature played its high-stakes game of poker. It’s clear to me today that my brother is the one who gave me my superpower for caring and nurturing as deeply as I do.

A different kind of heart doctor

Growing up, I wanted to be a heart surgeon. This never made sense to me until just days after my brother’s sudden death, in January 2022. That’s when I realized it was because of the rare heart condition he lived with all his life.

Cardiology wasn’t in the cards for me, but, I do check people’s hearts — just not in the way I imagined as a child. Instead, I work through spirit, energy, touch, and conversations. I can’t open you up and tinker with your physical heart, but my brother gave me the power to touch your spiritual heart. It’s thanks to him that I can sit with you in the scariest, darkest, most uncertain of times and hold you in the certainty of healing, even when you’ve lost all hope.

Spinning perspective
on YOUR health

Over the years, I’ve refined my skills as a practitioner and business woman. Do I make mistakes? Hell, ya, I sure do. Do I have to make hard decisions daily? You bet I do, but the single most life-altering fact holds steady: I spin perspective on health and keep hope alive for every single person who sits down in my chair.