Welcome to Qi Deficiency Diet

From embracing light and simple eating to exploring the potency of slow-cooked, organic delights, join us in rediscovering the joy of feeling fantastic and reclaiming control over your well-being.

Benefit of the Qi Deficiency Diet

if you experience one or more of the following:

Slow, Warm, and Sweet

Qi-building foods recipes, emphasizing slow-cooked warmth and natural sweetness

Slow Food for Healing Power

Explore the benefits of organic and sustainably grown ingredients

Digestive Health

Embracing naturally sweet options like sweet rice and butternut squash to rebuild Qi

I am Sara Ward, acupuncturist and co-creator of the Yin Yang Diet, your toolkit for self-transformation.

I don’t just want you to feel a little bit better. Nuh-uh.

I want to get you up dancing again instead of feeling like crap and spending half your life obsessing over how to get well. No more fad diets or celebrity “experts.”

Yin Yang Diet was created so you can take control of your own damn healing.

Simple, accessible, affordable, and tailored to your specific health pattern, the Yin Yang Diet is ready to use right out of the box. No esoteric terms, back bends, or mind-numbing concepts, I promise.