Work With Me


Think of me as your very own human Rolodex. With my years of knowledge, connections and intuition, I’ll hook you up with the right practitioner, suggest a supplement, and / or dish up some personalized food recommendations based on Chinese food therapy and functional medicine.

talk-to-me sesh

Like sitting down over a cuppa and dishing to a new friend — except I’ll make sure you walk away with an actionable solution to a key problem. From there, we’ll be in touch. I might suggest you visit me in the clinic, but if you’re halfway around the world, we’ll circle back online.

Deep dive sesh

Everything in the talk-to-me session, but we go deeper and cover more ground. You’ll come away with a big-picture treatment plan, food and supplement suggestions, practitioner referrals, and resources tailored to your exact needs.

Work with me at The Village

Picture this: your body is melting into a recliner or bed at my clinic. As I approach, you may feel a bit apprehensive, but you quickly relax into our caring connection. I take a detailed history, and we share a few laughs, maybe even a tear or two. ALL of you is welcome here.

My goal is to establish trust and assure you that YOU are the only expert in your body. I’m here NOT to do something TO you, but to awaken YOUR inner healer.

Depending on what you’ve told me, I will insert somewhere between 10 and 21 teeny-tiny needles — so tiny, you probably won’t even feel them going in. Just FYI, acupuncture should not hurt (read more about that here).

Then I leave you to sink into what we at The Village call an “acu-nap” — a dreamy, deeply restorative healing state. You may even fall asleep.

I’ll bring you back with a gentle hello, remove the needles and lay out a treatment plan so you’ll know when to come back and what to do to support your healing in the meantime.

Once you’re back in your body, you gently float out of the clinic, knowing it won’t be long before we meet again.


Talk-To-Me Sesh

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Deep Dive Sesh

Let me know what time works best for you: