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Drink your Qi

Often I’m asked, where do I start with Yin Yang Reset? 

When it comes to the Yin Yang Rest the simplest way to start is with drinks. If you meet me with resistance around ANOTHER food plan change, I hear ya. So I’ll always take the simple, sometimes the most powerful route, herbal hydration. 

As we transition again from spring to summer, we might find ourselves in a slight rut, nothing like that transition from Winter to Spring but maybe just a niggling rut. The simplest way to evoke change with Yin Yang Rest is to drink it. The beverages that move Qi on page 231 are some of my favourites. Here’s the page in all its glory if you don’t yet have the book.

Beverages that Move Qi

So many tasty ways to drink your Qi into action! Sour, naturally fermented beverages have to be at the top of the list. Naturally fermented kombucha and water kefir are wonderful options for drinking your medicine. Mint is also great for stagnation, as are lemon and lime. So, go ahead and fill up a pitcher of water, toss in fresh mint leaves, and add a few squeezes of lemon or lime, then sip throughout the day.

Daily green drink — One glass wheatgrass (or spirulina/ chlorella) following serving size on the bottle.

Herbal coffee — Dandy Blend (we love this coffee substitute)

Kombucha — This delightful bubbly fermented drink is fun to drink and delicious. Enjoy daily or on special occasions.

Herbal and medicinal teas — See “How to make medicinal teas” on page 61. Look for these herbs and blends from Traditional Medicinals:

• Mint

• Linden with Hawthorne & Lemon Balm

• Chamomile and Lavender

• Dandelion Leaf and Root

• Green Tea

Also try Organic India Tulsi Teas Tulsi Rose (Holy Basil).

Go on and hydrate yourself out of that proverbial rut.


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