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Beyond Needles: A Story of Growth, Vulnerability, and the Evolution of The Village

It’s a comical twist of fate when something you’ve nurtured reaches the age of eight. It stands as its own entity, yet it craves ongoing care and attention, much like a child. And I’ve always said The Village IS my second child. While I’m visible as a mother of one human, I’m also a co-creator of the Village alongside YOU. 

Each passing year, The Village reflects my personal evolution in both practice and entrepreneurship. Recent times have been marked by the act of shedding the old to make room for the new and embracing vulnerability wholeheartedly. 

Now, my focus shifts towards bringing order to the chaos within my business to shape the way The Village moves forward. I’ve yearned for a structured guide on how to run both my practice and my business seamlessly, and this year, I’m making it happen. I’m transcending the realm of merely creating a job for myself and delving into a more expansive, inclusive world where like-minded companies take on a fractional portion of my day-to-day operations (that is, the stuff I hate to do) .

Last year was riddled with uncertainty about whether I should continue pushing forward with this clinic. I experienced a rollercoaster of emotions — tears, anger, hurt, feeling used, and grief. It’s ironic, really, because addressing these very emotions is precisely what I do in my practice with you each and every day.

But then, I embarked on a journey. Bogged down by details that seemed insurmountable, I showed up late for 2024. However, a session with a trusted friend, an intuitive and grounded individual, proved to be transformative. That session revealed that I should stop pushing and embrace openness. Simple, right? Except that I had to confront one of my biggest life struggles: asking for help.

When I finally let go and asked for help, everything changed. Within a day of that session, three people asked what they could do to make my life easier, and I actually asked for what I needed. It was liberating. 

Since then, my willingness to be open and receptive has grown exponentially. This openness allows for deeper healing connections with my patients, a fundamental aspect of why I practice in a community style. When the clinic is humming with activity, the energy becomes palpable, adding an extra layer of healing.


Back in 2016, if you had asked me about the future of the clinic, I would have said I just hoped for a place to practice. Yet, eight years later, it’s become so much more than that. We’ve forged a hub, a haven of security, a sanctuary where each person who enters contributes to its essence. The Village isn’t isolated. It’s not merely a small business. It’s a community within a community, embodying our motto that acupuncture is for everyone.


Sara Ward

Sara Ward

Step into my world, where the momentum of our combined energies makes healing contagious.



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