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Easing into Spring

ALL of us “balance-method” acupuncturists know just what to do when it comes to spring. 

Hot tip, Villagers: here are some options you can request from us during a session. 

“I need a Jue Yin Shao Yang” – This helps bring you back to centre if you’re feeling torn, ungrounded, irritable, or just that little bit pissy. Ya, you can use those words with us, we get it.

“I need an OBGYN 8” — Maybe  you’re PMSy, not sleeping, and you feel like even just drinking water makes you bloated. We’ll meet your period and PMS with a stun gun – actually, tiny tiny needles and a treatment plan, but you get it, right?

Download my free spring guide: Get more hot tips to keep you grounded and moving though the spring season with a lightness of being.

Get Yin Yang Reset: Pick one up in the clinic or order online, jump right to the Qi Stagnation chapter, and eat your way to a lighter, healthier spring.

With buds blooming and sprouts sprouting, our bodies and minds are thrown into a whirlwind of adjustment. Take a leaf out of nature’s book and give yourself permission to ease into the season at your own pace.


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Sara Ward

Step into my world, where the momentum of our combined energies makes healing contagious.



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