Work With Me


We all have our stories of how we became practitioners, my love of Traditional Chinese Medicine grew out of a brush with serious illness. When all else failed to heal me, including a doctor for every part of my body, acupuncture and Chinese food therapy saved the day. Here, I want to collaborate with you and join forces with a rebel’s approach to acupuncture, TCM and radical self-transformation.

Virtual Grand Central Collaboration Station

I want to collaborate with YOU to build out a kickass worldwide referral team.

I’m looking for health-care practitioners, service professionals, and makers who are:

  • Inspired with a positive mindset
  • Hardwired for connection
  • Curious, creative problem-solvers
  • Open to active engagement with me and my community
  • Willing to share me with your community when that feels right


I’d love to introduce you to my community and share the knowledge, skills and magic you can bring to their lives.

If this sounds like something you can get behind click here and let’s get you set up.


Needle like a boss

Whether you’re a newbie or an old hand, I’ll show you needling tips and tricks that will transform your practice and keep your patients coming back.

They’ll sense your confidence and they’ll trust that they’re in competent hands. And once they’ve experienced your incredible skills, you’ll have your own personal marketing team. Word of mouth, baby. It’s priceless.

This course is coming soon. Hop on my waitlist and be the first to know when this launches.


Needle Like A Boss