Meet my rebel’s approach to acupuncture, TCM and radical self-transformation.

Welcome to my hottest seasonal tips. 

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Let's Cut Through The Crap

These guides are for you if…

You’re here as a last resorce

You’ve been to ALL the doctors, alternative healers, and coaches.

You’ve tried everything

All the diets, bootcamps, and meditation apps.

You’ve read all the books

On nutrition, parenting, business, productivity, spirituality, emotional healing.

You’ve bought all the shit:

Celery juicer, fancy exercise bike, smart water bottle, Apple watch.

You’ve defined your mission

maximized your productivity, zeroed your inbox, and created vision boards.

Hi, I'm Sara Ward,
Registered Acupuncturist

Same old stubborn symptoms, still feeling stuck in your career, even struggling to get out of bed some mornings.

Oh, I hear you — literally. Every day in my clinic, women unload their pain and frustration. And I’m no exception to this either.

That’s why I created these 4 seasonal transition guides. Mark my words, these are hyper personal things I do, amassed from my years of experience and trial and error. Tuck in, to maximize your life’s journey or book a consult with me and we’ll get you Sara’d in no time.

From one transition to another,

Sara Ward