Sleep Seekers 💤

Woman sleeping, curled up in white duvet, legs and arms exposed

Let’s talk about the elusive beast we all crave: SLEEP. I thought I had it all figured out, whispering sweet lullabies to my belly, convinced my baby would be a sleep prodigy. Fast forward ten years, and I’m in a nightly wrestling match with my very own night owl. The irony, right? You know you’re […]

Take A Pause

girl standing on a beach with a rainbow in the distance

As we step into November, a time for reflection and giving thanks, I want to share a simple practice I’ve embraced.  Pause for a moment and consider this: have you ever consciously taken a pause during your day? I’ve recently discovered the brilliance of pausing, and it’s as if I’ve stumbled upon a hidden treasure. […]

Spotting Glimmers ✨ Instead of Triggers

sparkler with blurred lights in the background

October can be a tricky month for me, as it’s filled with triggers that make me feel like I’m navigating a field of emotional landmines. But recently, a dear friend, who radiates positivity and reality like a beam of sunlight, introduced me to something called “glimmers.” Let me catch you up on this fantastic concept. […]

My Life As An Acupuncturist

Sara Ward, standing behind a window, laughing . With the signage of The Village Acupuncture.

Someone recently asked me about the life of an acupuncturist, and you know what? I had a blast spilling the beans! Why do I adore this gig so much? It’s simple. I get to weave together laughter, tears, sweat, and even a touch of colourful language, all in the pursuit of healing. It’s not just the job […]

My favourite sun-care tips and tricks

sun-care tips and tricks

Lately, I’ve been fixated on my hands, scrutinizing every sunspot and wrinkle that’s making its grand entrance. It’s a strange obsession, I know, but hey, we all love a little quirkiness, right? So, this month, my sun advice takes you on a delightful detour from the usual zinc oxide.  Brace yourselves for a playful journey where sun protection […]

Acupuncture is for everyone

Acupuncture is for everyone

If you are seeking acupuncture for pain, reproductive health, and mental wellbeing.  I see you and I’m here to help. Acupuncture is a gentle and effective way to reduce stress, promote relaxation, and improve overall mental wellbeing.  What I know for sure is that we can only change ourselves, so we owe it to our […]

I will never stop talking about mental health

We will never stop talking about mental health

Mental-health issues come in all shapes and sizes. This May I want to talk to a specific group of people: MOMS, aka momma, mum, mommy, ma, mmm or, my new personal favourite, Brahhh!  Being a mom-brah means everything to me. As of this May, I’ve been a mom for 10 years, with all its accompanying ups and […]

My secrets for treating allergies

Our secrets for treating allergies

This month we are diving into allergies. Oh, allergies, I love the flowers and the season change, but some of us pay a horrible price. Since I practice a form of acupuncture called the Balance Method, I am uniquely positioned to encourage the body’s healing mechanisms long before an allergen shows up.  This requires us […]



We join the ranks of a few other clinics in this beautiful city we call home. We honour that we live and work on the unceded traditional territories of the xʷməθkʷəy̓əm (Musqueam), Sḵwx̱wú7mesh (Squamish), and səlilwətaɬ (Tsleil-Waututh) Nations. We’ve been ranked by The Best Vancouver, falling neatly on the list at #6.  Finding out that someone […]

You have made The Village possible ❤️

the village anniversary

Well, we are officially seven, and I’m not going to lie: There have been a LOT of headaches along the way.  As for our birthday celebrations, I’ll be quietly reflecting on the past seven years in my happy place, on the beach and in the sun.  In seven years, The Village has seen a lot of change, and it doesn’t […]