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Tuck into my favourite sleep hygiene tips & tricks

If I had a dime for everytime someone told me that they needed more sleep, I’d have a lot of dimes!

I’ve been asked so many times in the past month: Do you set goals, intentions, resolutions, etc? Yes, I do. I review my year and roll out some things to guide me. For 2023, it’s body first, business second. I’m not gonna lie, “body first, business second,” phew, this one is hard for me. I love love love what I do, and I can so easily get lost in it, leaving my health and wellness to suffer. Not this year.

Speaking of love, I LOVE to sleep. If you’re a patient of mine you may have heard that I am in bed by 8, often asleep by 8:30. Sure people make fun of me. I’m often met with slack-jawed disbelief … how do you pull that off?? My girlfriends make fun of me, but I’m sure they wish they were me, sound asleep at 8:30. 

When I was pregnant 10 years ago, I swore I’d have a baby who sleeps. Well, guess what I got? A night owl! Yup, you can bet I’ve pulled out all my tools to get my boy to sleep through the night. I’m happy to say he’s almost 10 and finally sleeps through the night, but bedtime is still a struggle for him. 

Here are my sleep-hygiene tricks for my night owl:

  1. Routine: Our night time routine is predictable and repetitive. If you ask my son, he’ll tell you I’m nagging him, and I probably am. I front load about 30 minutes before I need him in bed and the countdown begins. For adults, maybe setting multiple alarms would work to remind you to get off your phone, shut down the electronics, take your magnesium, brush and floss your teeth, grab a book and head to bed.
  2. Read: We spend a good 30 to 45 minutes reading together, getting in some good cuddles and big endorphins to send us off to bed happy.
  3. Gentle point massage: Sometimes I’ll rub behind my son’s ears, gently pressing on that bone and surrounding area to help calm him down. If you’re a patient of mine with sleep issues, you know this point well. ( watch our social channels, I got in front of the camera to show you what point to massage)
  4. Wake up at the same time every day: this one is tricky for us, as the kid has 6 a.m. hockey practice twice or more each week. But in general, we try and wake at the same time every day.
  5. Take time for yourself: The mornings are my most coveted time. I wake up 1 to 2 hours before I have any responsibilities. I take time for writing, savoring my coffee, exercising, planning the day and catching up with my husband. Carve out a sacred time for yourself. It could be in the mornings or etched into your pre-bedtime routine. 
  6. Acupuncture: Obviously, I have to include this. Many of my patients require trial and error with acupuncture to find what works. Some of my insomniacs find that coming in for those nighttime appointments just before bed is the best. Others need to see me early in the morning to guarantee a good calm day that sets them up for a sound sleep at night. 

Whatever kind of sleeper you are, we’ve got you. Tips and tricks abound here at The Village. Sweet dreams, you night owl, you. I’ll see you in the morning!


Sara Ward

Sara Ward

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