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It’s All About Mindset

I dish on how I keep my mindset clear and joyful throughout the holidays and some of the darkest days of the year.

Here is what I know for sure about mindset. You become better over time with effort and dedication. This is precisely what I preach in the clinic. Some of my most successful patients can attest. 

What do I mean by “successful patients”? These are the folks who are making the effort to put themselves first. They have the dedication to check in with me — and with their own inner wisdom — to notice what they need to focus on to be truly well. They take action simply by showing up for themselves and doing what they know works (like acupuncture!).

This dedication to your own well-being is the mindset that will have lasting effects on your health and happiness. 

People often land in my chair looking for a magic-wand solution to their health problems. While I DO have a wand in the cart, it’s not going to get you those everlasting results you dream of. Mindset, people! You gotta shift into being dedicated to your wellness.

My dear friends, this does NOT mean you always have to be positive and smiley, or a go-getter. Sometimes you need to fail. 

My favorite quote at the moment is Samuel Beckett’s “Try again. Fail again. Fail better.” While it’s not a positive, go-climb-a-mountain kind of quote, it really resonates with me and allows me to keep my personal mindset in check. 

I fail and I learn, so by default, I’m growing. I do hope you join me in 2023 with a mindset that you can and will achieve anything and everything you desire. You just might have to fail again, fail better!


Sara Ward

Sara Ward

Step into my world, where the momentum of our combined energies makes healing contagious.



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