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A bundle of points that pack a punch to check all your emotions.

Maybe I’m projecting here but I and I think you could use a good dose of calm. That is guaranteed at The Village with 5 teeny tiny points…in your ear.

If you know you know, but if you don’t know here is the low down.

With just about every person we see at The Village we are using what us acupuncturists call the 5NP or 5 NADA protocol. This actually means nothing to you, but to us, it’s a bundle of points that pack a punch to all your emotions.

Our patients call these points, “spicy”. I encourage my patients to swear at me or scream just a little every time I place one of the five needles. 

If you want to know a funny story about me, I am the biggest baby when it comes to getting these points. Just ask Lisa, she’s got the funniest stories to tell about me getting acupuncture. I literally swear at her, brace myself in the chair, let out little screams that totally disrupt the other sleeping humans in the space, but I know they know how funny it is to see an acupuncturist squirming in the chair getting a dose of her own medicine.

In my defence it’s always easier to give than to get!

I digress, the most common question we get about these spicy points is WHAT are these for?

Let me walk you through how I get these magical points in your ears, what they do, who they are communicating with, and how you’ll feel.

First take a big deep breath with me, you’re about to learn a powerful tool for your growing toolbox of health.

A word on microsystems: the ear is just that, the whole body packed into one powerful tool, the ears we listen with. If you look at your ear, or maybe your friend’s ear, notice that it is a little upside down baby! It’s so cute right?!

The first point is Sympathetic. 

And it does just that, it taps into your nervous system tout suite, this may send a chill down your spine or ½ your body. We could create world peace with just one point. If I could get my hands on everyone in the world, but that is just not feasible, so I’ll start with whoever lands in my chair. This point sends a message to your nervous system and says, Yo, chillout, and it flips the switch from you flight, fright, freeze to your parasympathetic, which is Rest and digest! (more on how just this one point can benefit so many other common dis-eases.) Does it hurt? According to me, you are friendly neighbourhood acupuncturists, yes, but according to 99% of my patients, no, it just feels weird.

Second Point is what we refer to in the trade as Shen Men, but what you need to know is that translates into YOUR MIND.

Got a busy mind, here is point # 2 that can basically take care of that worry, wandering overthinking mind. 

Third point is your Kidney. Since we know this is anatomically not true but in the microsystem it is represented on the wee baby at the lower back. This kidney point is responsible for tuning up and turning down that pesky emotion of Fear and Fright. Umm can we all just agree that this Pani has these emotions stirred right up. Gosh, as I write on I realise that the layering of these powerful points is a recipe that everyone should have access to.

The Fourth point is your magical hard working Liver. Oh the liver, how we love you but abuse you so hard. I speak for every liver everywhere, I’m sorry for what we expect of you. So in return we add this sweet little point to quell those big ass emotions of anger and frustration. Need we say more!

The fifth point brings us to the Heart and Lung of the matter. Honestly, is there anything better than a good hug to round out our healing? These heavy hitters sitting nice and cosy in our rib cages need love too. The heart carries out our Joyful expressions and the Lung holds us all those big sad feelings. It’s no wonder we say “my chest feels so heavy” when we are sad and grieving.

If you’ve made it this far, you’re probably thinking I really need all these, and we would have to agree, you DO need these points. 

Just think of your acupuncturist saving the world 5 needles at a time.


Sara Ward


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Sara Ward

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